Monday, December 7, 2009

Anyone can fly

Sometimes in life we are faced with difficult challenges and have to let go of certain things to move on...... It's tricky and there is often that one last sticking point that stops us moving forward.....Well this little necklace shows one of my birdies going through just that and inspires us to be brave!

This little bird is just about ready to take his first flight....he's been watching his parents fly....he's spread out his wings........but is still a little nervous, so hanging on tightly with this feet before he makes that all important commitment! - And when he does, he'll let go and then realize that "yes, I can fly"!

OK. So you may have noticed that although this is "anyone can fly" - this isn't "Anyone", it's a bird! This design is based on one I made a few years ago which was my very first "anyone can" piece. At that stage, I could make birds, but I hadn't figured out how to sculpt a person!

In the original version, his legs were through a jump ring...and he didn't have a tail! I only just realized he didn't have a tail as I made this one! It was a popular design and someone just emailed me and asked me to make one for I changed it just a little bit...adding a tail of course and I made it look like his feet cling onto the chain, instead of via a ring!

I thought of calling it "You can do it!" or "Yes, I can fly!".....and a few other names that didn't quite fit the sentiment....but the "anyone can fly" just seemed the best....Do you have any other naming suggestions so that "anyone" remains a person....????

I hope it can be an inspiration for someone.......


Anonymous said...

so cute! i like your title "anyone can fly", seems perfect

meherio68 said...

You'll be a Bird my Son!

Ruth said...

It's odd going back to an old design and relooking at it with fresh eyes! I liked working on this again. Thanks for your comments

Kristin @ The Treasured Petal said...

this makes me happy!