Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday's spotlight - Lincoln Christmas Market

By guest blogger Pete.

Well! It's all over for another year. I mean, of course, the Lincoln Christmas Market. The weather for the Thursday and Friday was seasonal and dry. We saw some rain on Saturday afternoon but by then the crowds were there and they put up with the inconvenience admirably. Sunday was fine again so those who went on the last day weren't denied what others had enjoyed.

A general comment from people who went to the market this year was that it had more of a seasonal atmosphere about it than it had had for the past three or four years. The city fathers, who organise the event, had worked with "Christmas atmosphere" to the forefront of their minds and didn't accept stall bookings from those whose good didn't reflect the season. For some of the shops in the uphill area of Lincoln the Market presented the last chance to survive this recessional year of 2009 and enter 2010 in the black. People came in their tens of thousands. Friday and Saturday saw huge crowds. The city reckon that it brought £10,000,000 to the city economy. It is now the largest Christmas market in Europe. I don't know where is stands in the world rankings but it must be well up if not at the top.

Mick Dawson, he who rowed across the Pacific from Japan to San Francisco, was on Radio Lincolnshire a few days ago. He and his companion are still recovering from that 189 day outing. It appears that they lived the 24 hour day by working 2 hour shifts and then having 2 hours off. Mic reckons that he still hasn't recovered his previous sleep pattern and continues to sleep at night in 2 hour sessions. He lost 50lb on the trip. If you fancy loosing weight after the Christmas festivities then why not get out that rowing boat and enjoy yourselves? If you live in the U.K. then there's always the North Sea waiting for you. If you live in the States then what about rowing the length of one of the great lakes?

Yesterday Pam and I went to the local school where I am a governor. The 1st and 2nd year pupils were producing their Christmas Play "Babushka" - these are the five and six year olds. The story of Babushka evolves around a Russian Folk tale involving the nativity. They did very well and there were a few absolutely memorable incidents during the performance. I think the parents waved to the children more than the children waved to their parents. Joseph had a little strop and produced a most unJoseph like sign to one of the shepherds. An angel decided that she didn't like the audience so turned her back on them. The prize episode, though, was when Mary handed the baby to Babushka and Babushka dropped it. With commendable aplomb she picked the baby up, gave it a quick rock and handed it back to Mary.

The photos this week are from a previous year when we attended the Christmas Light ceremonies in the city centre. Hope you like them.

Enjoy the run up to Christmas. Watch the young children and see their magic.

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