Friday, December 18, 2009

US Citizenship Update!

Just got my letter inviting me to the Naturalization Oath Ceremony - which means I'm through and accepted to be a US citizen!!!!

Couple of small down sides however: - the date for the swearing in ceremony is when we are away in England - January 7th!! So I'll have to postpone....hopefully only until February.... . The other downside - but I'm sure it is temporary - is that John didn't get his letter today! Only me!! (Hee, hee :0 ) I'm sure his will come tomorrow..... But as it is through him that we got our green cards in the first place, I can't gloat too much!


Melissa in NJ said...

Wonderful news! CONGRATS!

I look forward to your post saying the swearing in ceremony is completed. :)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic!!! I too look forward to your post about your swearing in. :-)