Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"just for you"

Well, as I mentioned yesterday, I haven't been showing any new pieces for a little while, as alot of them are Xmas gifts for people and so I don't want to ruin the Christmas surprise!

However, I heard from one of my friends today thanking me for her gift! She had opened it already!!!! It arrived today and she opened it! Gosh - what happened to 25th December???!!!!! :-D

Well, I guess I may as well show it to you now!!!!

Here is "just for you" that I made for her:
She has a cat called Dickie and he loves to bring her little presents - dead birds or other creatures from his haunt. Well, I could hardly make a piece with a dead bird in it - so I made a little cat who has caught a mouse and is holding it under his paw - ready to give it to you - "just for you"!!!

My friend doesn't wear jewelry as she reacts to quite a lot of different metals so this little guy is a desk buddy for her. I suspect he may well sit on her computer to keep warm!!! Cats always know how to find the best spots!


trishdarling said...

but it must feel good to know she was just so excited to see what you made her!

Ruth said...

Oh definitely! I don't mind people opening things early - it just used to be that my family were quite strict on that! Now it seems my parents open most presents before the actual date - like my dad with his Xmas present!

I still like to keep everything for one day! Big stack under the tree! Have a good Christmas Trish.