Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Free hugs

Just reading the couple of comments from my posting last week "anyone can give a hug" and it reminded me of one of my favorite youtube movies. Now for those of you who usually ignore my youtube links - that's fine....... normally - but don't ignore this one. I have sent it to a couple of people before - but even for those people, it's worth looking at again.

It's entitled "free hugs" and it is just great. You will love it - I can guarantee! I was just reading in the paper yesterday about the increase in suicides in Sonoma county....and thinking of everyone stressed out before the holidays....and maybe we should all take time to give a few more hugs.

Here's another hug from "anyone" - he's on his way to Berlin to give some hugs....
and here's the "free hugs"
And here's another hug from me....(----`^`----)

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HINT Jewelry Design said...

Thanks for posting this Ruth! Free Hugs is one of my favorite YouTube videos. I went ahead and posted a link to your blog on Facebook so everyone can have a virtual hug today :)