Monday, December 8, 2008


As I've mentioned before, when people come and stay with us at our home, we like to get them to paint a birdhouse and then they can choose where to hang it in the vineyard or garden.

We've had a few just disintegrate recently. I think it means those visitors haven't been here for a while and need to come back to make another. We just buy the birdhouses from Michaels and its great to see all the different ways our guests paint them. John does a little renovation work when they start to fall apart.....but Mick and Mal's had a serious falling apart this week - maybe they need to come back I think!!

These little earrings will last longer than the wooden ones out in the rain! I made them for my recent show and sold them then too. This little birdie looks like he was quite interested in them!


Marian said...

love the earrings and the little bird!!!
What a great idea to ask your guests to leave something behind made by them... how nice.

Ruth said...

We do have some beautifully painted birdhouses decorating our garden now! It's funny, because often the most reluctant person is the one that actually ends up spending the most time doing it in the end - like a whole day or more - just getting it perfect!
And then when we wander around the garden, we get to think of all the people...