Sunday, December 28, 2008

Desk buddy

Hope you had a good Christmas. We did!

Now that everyone has opened their pressies, thought I'd show you another one that I made. I have a wonderful friend, Fabienne, who lives in Turkey. She is French and translates all my listings for me for my Dawanda website and is also part of our merry-go-round.

We met through Dawanda and have such a fun time corresponding with each other and learning more and more about each other. It is people like Fabs who make selling online so much fun. Both her and my friend Marion, who translates my listings into German, have become such great friends and they enrich my life in so many different ways.

Anyhow, she makes jewelry too - absolutely gorgeous stuff. She does the most incredibly fine and detailed wire wrapping - so take a look at her Dawanda store - Easterya.

But as she makes her own jewelry, I decided to make her something that wasn't jewelry but that could sit near her computer or at her work bench and keep her company. So she got a desk buddy - who also happens to double as a friend for her intrepid explorer dog, Jack. Here's her new desk buddy.
I like the idea of desk buddies. I have a few myself......and maybe I'll do a few more of these......It's like a miniature sculpture - adorning your computer or desk instead of you! Hope you like Jack's new friend.

Do you have any desk buddies? Friends who sit with you as you work????? Do tell us about them..


HINT Jewelry Design said...

Oh I just love this desk buddy! It's like having the dog I've always wanted :)

Magriet said...

That is sooo cute :)

Fabienne's jewellery really is beautifully. I've admired it on Dawanda many times.

Half an Acre said...

i have quite a few bit in my work room but nothing specific. I have, however, just sold a sock bunny to Gemheaven from Folksy for her to have as a desk buddy down in her workroom in cornwall.

Ruth said...

I know how you feel Beth! I'd love a dog too - and now I've just made three!!!! Maybe they should get it out of my system....but it hasn't!! Maybe I should do a doggie desk buddy for me. I'll have to post some photos of my current buddies.....

Easterya said...

May I add that Little Jack is even more gorgeous in person!!! It is one thing, Ruth, looking at pics of your work, but actually holding one of your creations in my hand is a totally new and brain-mushing experience!! Your attention to details is absolutely amazing: the neat ears, the movement of the tail, the lovely tilt of the head, and the NOSE, the EYES, the PAWS!!! He's an absolute cutie pie and I will treasure him always!!! I have never, EVER, seen such skills, such talent, Ruth you are an angel of an artist!! You give life to your creations, they are meaningful, there's a piece of yourself in each one, and you know that your art touched my heart from the very first time, I knew there was someone special behind all of them, and the more I get to know you, the more incredible you get!!
A toast to friendship on this New Year's Eve!!
And a huge THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!
Fabs xxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Oh, I so much want that!! I love dogs!!

My desk buddies always include Snoopy, a picture of my husband, a sea otter and dog and Peanuts related items.

Ruth said...

Thanks, Fabs. And yes, the perfect toast at whatever time zone you are on as it strikes 2009 - "to wonderful friendships!"