Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My own desk buddies

After yesterday's post, I thought maybe I should introduce you to my own current desk buddies. They are a motley crew....

Firstly there is "just for you". This little guy I think you may have met before. He was one of the first sculptural animals I ever made. People often think of him as different types of animals - he was just a cutie to me - his very own species and kindly bringing me a flower. Whenever I do a show, he always comes along with me to keep me company and look after the stock!

Similarly, and the same species, but in bronze, here is my next little buddy. Again he brings a flower but it was also mentioned that maybe he is protecting his modesty. So he was called Modesty Max for a while - but as he was one of the first pieces I ever did in bronze, to me, he is known as Pat Ina - as in patina!

While I was playing with bronze at the conference this summer, my two friends Marly and Angie gave me Ding the Ring. When they first gave him to me, he was "just" a ring and didn't have any features or body parts.....but then when he came home with me, he developed! He's quite the character now and a bit wayward!

And then in the next photo you can see Robin who is hand felted and just had a busy Christmas time, posing for lots of Christmas cards....and then my other early bronze piece, a Quentin quail. Quite the menagerie! Guess that's another excuse for having an untidy desk.... Oh and yes, can't forget my blue footed booby either - all the way from the Galapagos islands.....and my musical frog - a gift from my nephews....Quite a rowdy gang when I let them all hang out together - so I try to space them out a bit to keep the noise level controllable!

So show me yours! All photos gratefully received....... Who do you share your space with???


Anonymous said...

Oh, how much fun to see your desk buddies!! Thank you for sharing because they really made me smile.

Ruth said...

Glad you like them! I love having happy smiley things surrounding me! Happy New Year to you, Coleen

Magriet said...

Awww they're so sweet :) I'm almost embarrassed to say I have no desk buddies. But your post have enspired me to get some! Thanks for making me smile too and happy new year!!!

Ruth said...

That's great Magriet! Hope you find your own buddies soon - and let's meet them when you do!!!