Thursday, December 11, 2008

Olive harvest update

Just to let you know - we picked up our olive oil yesterday. We got 3 1/2 gallons. Yummy!

Much more than we normally get - so we will liberally pouring it on everything for the upcoming year...once we get through the rest of 2007. It is still very cloudy so needs a month or so to settle out - but then I'm sure it will be great.

We gave a bottle to Laura - our valiant harvester! Hope she likes it too.

Our pick was the majority of the oil for that day - so that means that it was just about all our own grapes with just a few others thrown in!

Just think of all those health benefits we will be getting in the coming year....we'll be slippering everywhere!


Andreanna said...

olive oil is heavenly! I woulod love some fresh oil.

Marissa said...

That's wonderful. Nothing is better than homemade or fresh from the garden!

Ruth said...

I know - we just love it! It feels so nice to use your own!