Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Anyone can fly

"Anyone can fly" is a necklace made from fine silver (.999). It shows a little bird about to make his first flight - but he is a little scared so is still hanging on with his feet. But his wings are spread and he's ready to take that leap........This little bird's story is:

I made this piece in the summer of 2007. I had just finished participating in a Chanticleer workshop. Chanticleer, as you may know, is a wonderful group of 12 male singers - "an orchestra of voices". They are a great ensemble, not only to listen to, but to get to know. At the Chanticleer workshop in Sonoma each year. a group of auditioned singers have the opportunity to sing with, learn from and become friends with the members of Chanticleer, their music director, Joe Jennings and other singers from around the world. It is such a inspiring experience and the summer of 2007 was no exception.

One piece of music that was selected for this workshop was "Leonardo dreams of his flying machine" by Eric Whitacre. The text explores Leonardo da Vinci's dreams of flying and Eric Whitacre has a great use of music to create visual images of flying...using not only words but also "noises" from the singers to conjure up the sound of the wind etc. At one point we sing about Leonardo watching the pigeons and figuring how they do it...and then he builds this machine...and the climax of the piece, with the notes rising is that "he leaps!" - and the air carries him and he manages to fly, despite his own and everyone else's doubts....

So after this uplifting workshop, where the singing and friendship was just incredible...I sat down one day to create something, not having any plan at all...and a bird came first with his wings outstretched and then "anyone can fly" was born. It is a piece that I hope inspires people to take that leap - to have courage and just try. So it seems a perfect piece to being my blogging experience with. I'm taking that leap today with my new blog "inside the artisan" - listening to the stories behind our creations - and believing the anyone can fly!


Merrell said...

As soon as I saw this little guy hanging upside down from Ruth's shop banner, I knew I had spotted the perfect gift not only for my twin sister, but for me as well! (Sometimes the best gifts come from ourselves!) This piece is not only extraordinarily cute and whimsical, it celebrates the unquenchable sentiment that anyone can achieve that which seems beyond reach. We are all capable of greatness if we dare to stretch the limits of our potential.
...Besides, it's hard to be stressed when hanging upside down, viewing the world with open wings...

Ruth said...

Hi Merrell
So good to hear from you and glad the birds are doing their thing and you and your sister fly with them! I do love your quote from Elizabeth Berg "..Either way, the birds will sit on the wire and sing". Take care and keep flying!

Anonymous said...

I just fell in love w/ the little upside down bird immediately. He made me laugh outloud. I lost my father a year & a half ago. He had a very goofy sense of humour (which he gave to me) & enjoyed whimsical items. His hobbie was flying airplanes. The message of "Anyone can fly" just hit home for me. Whenever I look up & see or hear an airplane I think of him, soaring amongst the clouds.
Ruth's work is just beautiful. Not only does it put a smile on your face, but the quality of craftsmanship is top notch.

Ruth said...

Hi Kirsteen
So glad "anyone can fly" has brightened your day! I love the connection to your father - especially flying airplanes. Hope you recover from your surgery quickly. Take care