Saturday, July 5, 2008

Call for artists - and share the creativity

I'd love to hear the stories behind some of the art or craft that you have created and where your ideas came from. They can be simple stories or more meaningful ones - just a way for people to get to know the artist a little better. Please email me with you stories and photos . I look forward to publishing them on this blog.

A study has recently be published by the Northwestern University entitled "The Participation Divide: Content Creation and Sharing in the Digital Age". The research found that men are more likely to share their creativity while online. Men and women were seen as equally like to pursue creative endeavors over the internet, but women were less likely to post their creations.
The researchers concluded a possible reason was a "lack of perceived skill is holding women back from putting their creative content out there"....but there was no clear reason for the discrepancy. So let's make an effort and share that creativity!!


Faithful said...

You and I share the name Ruth. Not too many of us. Was just blogdrifting and was delighted to come across a blog that was actually in English! And such pretty charms. Lovely blog, and your life sounds sweet, too. Merlot! Mmm. And making silver jewelry. I've never done that. Life's busy right now, taking care of Mom and also grandkids. I do crochet a bit, and I love to glue things together! haha! Again, lovely site. Good work!

Ruth said...

Glad you liked the blog Ruth. Thanks for stopping by.