Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hair barrettes

It's always been one of my gripes in life how, if I'm going out for an evening, or just somewhere nice, I put on my nice jewelry, then go to clip something in my hair - and the clip is always so basic! It's either plastic or a base metal....and I've adorned my body with precious metal - and cheap looking plastic goes in my hair!

So finally I got around to using some of my silver clay to make some hair "jewelry". Barrettes came to mind and so I've tried a few different designs - the "flowers in my hair" one, pictured above; a more everyday one, like the "village" below; and the "love birds" below - but since starting on these, I have ideas for more elaborate ones with dangly bits as well.

Just making them pretty and with some movement too.... I haven't made any of these more elaborate ones yet.... - but that is what is in my mind! It's a great shape - just a rectangle to work with - you can add what you want for a design and I do attach them to a base metal clip - as it is a secure means of staying in the hair (- and is not visible!). Functional, but now jewelry for the hair!

So, of course, what happens? I went to my hairdressers this week...was a little fed up with my hair and hanging flat - so she cut it! So now I can't wear hair accessories in it any more!!!!

Well I guess we don't always design for ourselves...I mean, I make cufflinks occasionally!!!


Sew Bettie said...

Lovely find!

Ruth said...

Hi Sew Bettie
Thanks for your comment. Love your blog too - I've linked to it on my artisan list. Fancy being featured here talking about some of your designs?