Thursday, July 3, 2008

I'm a little teapot

I'm a little teapot, short and stout
Here's my handle, here's my spout
When I hear the teacups, hear my shout,
"Tip me up and pour me out!"

Do you remember the little teapot children's rhyme? Did you used to do the actions? One hand on your hip for the handle and one hand raised for the spout? Or is it only an English thing?

Yes, tea still has a great association with England, even though everyone seems to drink it all over the world. Well, not quite everyone. I hate tea. Ugh! Can't stand it - even the smell of it. And I'm English. I think really that was the reason I had to leave England and move to the US. The tea association was just too much for me. So I move to the US and think I'm saved from all those tea drinkers......but then I find new friends invite me around to their house -and they think "ah - the English - I'll get some tea in for her and make her a nice pot/cup". Ugh!! So yes, when I first moved here, it was like I was haunted by my English tea phobia!!!! Everywhere I went, someone made me a nice cup of tea!!! Out of politeness I did try to drink some of them - but then couldn't do it!

So, it seemed fitting that as I can't escape tea, I had to make a teapot! I've made a couple of versions/sizes of this and the design has just been accepted into the finals of a design competition here in the US! So fingers crossed!

The small version of the teapot is currently available for sale here in Euros and here in dollars.

Anyhow - to all you tea drinkers out there - enjoy!!!! And to the rest of us - put the coffee on!


Easterya said...

HILARIOUS!! I can't believe you don't like tea!!! Shows how stereotyped people's perceptions are...As a kid I saw the English wearing monocles and top hats, going out for walks in the smog, all drab and miserable (how right is that! :D), whereas, coz I'm French, I'm supposed to loooove smelly cheeses (can't stand 'em!)

Ruth said...

Not like smelly cheese??? Oh dear. You are obviously not the person I thought you were Fabs! Next you'll be telling me you don't wear garlic around your neck as you cycle around in your beret......