Friday, July 4, 2008

Picnic time!

Happy 4th July! Maybe today is picnic day.....the sun is shining, there are 4th of July parades in the US pack up that picnic basket and find a nice place in the sun to eat lunch...maybe take a bottle of champagne and have an easy day.

I love picnics! Especially since we've moved to California where you can just trust the weather! How many picnics did we have in England where it was freezing cold or drizzly or just miserable. My dad often jokes that all picnics with my sister mean that the weather will be bad! But we would try - sitting there shivering and pretend to be enjoying our outdoor meal!

But maybe you need to choose your location carefully. Because if you go down to the woods today........

you maybe have to watch out for the teddy bears' picnic! Teddy bear earrings and a little teddy bear on a picnic blanket with a slice of cake, cup and bowl of fruit!! I made this set for my friend Janet. The teddy bears' picnic story has always been one of her favorites and she shared it with her daughters and son and now shares it with her grandchildren. The grandchildren's bedroom in her house is decorated around the teddy bears' picnic theme with a gorgeous mural painted on the walls. It looks just wonderful and now she gets to wear her teddy bears' picnic too.

The other picnic basket is hollow formed in fine silver and supplied on an interchangeable charm necklace, so when picnic time is over, you can take it off and add another charm or pendant instead. This is available for sale here.

Anyhow - hope you have a good 4th July - and find time for a picnic.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures Ruthie, and the latest pieces are really very creative

Looking forward to the next original necklace or other jewelry

Ruth said...

Looking forward to our next picnic together..... When will that be - with hopefully, not such a strenuous hike beforehand! The last one nearly did me in!