Monday, July 7, 2008

Vegetarian bracelet

A couple of months ago, I got into making texture plates. Texture plates are made from silicone rubber or polymer clay and you press a texture in the rubber/clay, let it set and then you can use it on the silver metal clay that I make my jewelry from, to put the texture onto the silver.

I'd tried a few different object...shells, shoe soles, fabric......but then I was in the grocery store one day and all I could see was the textures of the vegetables! I figured it might be fun to make a bracelet out of vegetable textures. Maybe then if you wore it, it would count as you having your 5 veggies a day!!!!

So I set about making the texture plates and hunting out new vegetables, that maybe I didn't eat regularly but that had a good texture! I had hoped that it would be easier to identify the veggies textures once they were in the silver - but I think it's too tricky. A couple are easy I think - the corn on the cob and the frozen peas. Can you see them?

As for the others, I'll list them otherwise we could be here forever!
In the photo above, start from the square with the circle cut out of it as square 1, and the veggies I used are:

Square 1 - brussel sprout (cut surface)
Square 2 - broccoli
Square 3 - celeriac
Square 4 - corn on the cob
Square 5 - avocado (skin)
Square 6 - dried morel mushroom
Square 7 - romanesco cauliflower
Square 8 - frozen peas
Toggle - same as 1 - brussel sprout.

Can be worn by meat eaters too!

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