Monday, July 21, 2008

Duncan duck's bathtub

Rubber ducks! How happy they make the bathtub. And if you've ever visiting our home, you will know that we have a fair few rubber duckies. Our guest bathroom is bedecked in ducks of different styles and shapes, from duck soaps to duck towels, to duck shower curtains to genuine rubber ducks! And yet, nowadays, how often do people sit in a bath? When was the last time you had a bath and not a shower?

It seems that in England, people take baths more often - preferring it to a shower????? Or maybe it's just that they have never got around to putting a shower in their bathroom so only have a bath? And yes, a shower is efficient, quick, a great wake you up, makes you feel good.......but a total different animal than a bath....where you can relax, unwind, listen to some soothing music...

We have a bathtub outside. These two photos are it - well - the taps at least! When we moved here we thought about having a hot tub outside etc etc, but they never looked very nice and didn't seem to go with the house and we found this French bathtub instead. It's made of zinc and copper. A beautiful tub. It's plumbed into the guest house hot water system - so always ready to be filled.
We always use it on special first thing on Christmas day we go it - rain or shine or cold.....and have a glass of champagne....or birthday breakfast time - again with champagne. It's such a nice thing to sit outside and here the birds, or watch the bats fly over head...or have cold drips of rain water from the oak tree trickle down your back :-~ And sometimes a rubber duck joins us!

So I recently created a rubber duck necklace and earrings set. Duncan duck's bathtub! It comprises a claw foot bathtub made hand formed in fine silver and sitting in the tub, taking a dunk, is Duncan the duck! The "water" is actually resin. To go with the bathtub, there are earrings of Duncan duck and Dippy duck, hanging on ear chains so they bob around, like ducks!!

So what does the necklace conjur up? Somehow, I don't think it is that relaxing, unwinding long soak in a bath - rather that more playful time when you had toys in the water too! Little ducks and squirty plastic things...when you were a kid - or maybe even as an adult.

I remember a hotel we went to recently where they supplied a rubber duck. We played with him alot in the hot tub - spinning him around in the jets.

So I hope you like Duncan and Dippy and that they remind you of playful times!He's just been sold and will be travelling shortly over to Germany. Hopefully Duncan won't lose too much bathwater on the way! I know he'll have a great time when he gets there.


Half-an-Acre said...

I love that idea! the real bath tub outside! so cool. you are obviously as loopy as we are at our house!
am still covetting that bunny!

Half-an-Acre said...

me again! forgot to say that you're now in my blog roll.

I do fingerprints in pmc sometimes when people as me - there's one pictured on my blog.
you're stuff is awesome - its such a versatile thing.

Marian said...

How cool! itÅ› a bathtub fetish!!! or a duck fetish?
i love tubs. I like the old ones, the french style ones. Really do. I wish I had one here too. Thing is that i have a normal tub and I barely use it. The whole "water is too expensive/scarce, shouldn waste it..blablabla" guilts me into short quick showers. But it is a missed art the bathtaking one.
The jewelry itself is gorgeous! Lucky german whomever got it!

Chocolate and Steel said...

That might be the most adorable necklace I have EVER seen! I really love your style.