Saturday, August 7, 2010

Weekly Bird in the Hand

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I have decided to instigate a weekly blog post about all the things that I am grateful for and happy about that have happened during the week.  As my "bird in the hand" jewelry symbolizes being grateful for what you have now - I'm calling it my Weekly Bird in the Hand. 

Week ending 08/07/10:
  • Members of Vajra voices - the quintet I sing with are performing tomorrow afternoon in SF and we've been rehearsing together this week.  It's so wonderful to sing together and pay such attention to detail to what we are doing.  I have so enjoyed it this week and look forward to tomorrow.
  • Enthusiasm of friends - I had some exciting news this week which I'll share here soon - and when I told some friends on the EtsyMetalClay team it felt so lovely to hear their excitement for me too.  It was very heartwarming.
  • The telephone - this week being able to make international phone calls just seemed to be what was needed.  Emails, texts and other things just wouldn't have done it - so thanks to Alexander Graham Bell and everyone else who makes it so easy to pick up a phone and talk to family thousands of miles away.
  • Giant Steps - we are going to a non-profit gala event this evening for Giant Steps - a therapeutic horse riding program for people of all ages with disabilities.  What wonderful work they do.

  • Figuring out my new tap and die set to make screws and threads in my jewelry and having fun trying it out.
  • Lime green - the color just makes me happy!
Photo by AndyRob
 What made you happy and feel grateful this week?

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