Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Keep Flowering - Faux bone ring variation

You may recall that for my latest Master Muse challenge, one of the rings I made was an interchangeable flower ring where you could make different parts of the flower and swap them in and out with different colors.

The ring shown here is the same design and this time, instead of having different pieces to change out, I just colored them a different color on each side so you just  unscrew the ring, turn the pieces over and screw them back together when you want a different splash of color!

The ring is bold - so I colored it boldly too!  I find I am wearing  a lot of coral, peach, orange colors - and my favorite sweater has some purple in it - so you can see where these color combinations came from!

Robert Dancik has just joined the team of Master Muse and his Faux Bone ring project is shown today.  He is actually the originator of Faux Bone so has used it extensively. Hope you'll go and check his out.


MerryDay said...

This is clever and fun. Love it!

Ruth said...

Thanks. Glad you like it. Nice to see your blog too.