Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday's Spotlight - A Trip to San Francisco


I've never really been convinced when people in this area tell me that San Francisco is prone to cold and foggy weather.  Every time I've been there it has been bright and sunny.  Closely followed by New York, I would say that San Francisco is my favourite from the various US cities I've visited.

The trip we made to San Francisco just before our return to the UK looked as though we were about to lose our "good weather everytime we visit San Francisco" record.  We set off from Glen Ellen in overcast and foggy conditions and made the trip to Larkspur in just under the hour.

We'd taken a ferry to Angel Island before but never to the big city.  So the four of us boarded the "Mendocino" and set sail for the 35 minute trip.  As we pulled alongside the ferry terminal in San Francisco, the fog cleared and the sun broke through.  Phew!  For a while there, I thought we'd lost our record!

The ferry building and the Farmers' market outside were as colorful and interesting to satisfy any photographer and I was in my element.

We armed ourselves for the fray by having one of the strongest cups of coffee I have ever been fortified with! If you fancy strong - I really do mean STRONG - coffee, then go to the west end of the Ferry Building to Blue Bottle Coffee.  There you'll see a queue outside the coffee stall.  Pull your hat down tight and prepare yourself!!!

All the stallholder outside the building didn't object to photos being taken of their stalls.  When I get home, Photoshop will be working overtime; but then there's nothing new about that!

After lunch at a restaurant with seats outside, I set off along Market Street towards Union Square.  This Square is one of my favourite spots in the city. Why?  Because:
1. There is a very good Borders bookshop there
2. The square itself is open, clean and welcoming
3. It's a great spot to do some people watching.  In fact I think I'd make it number 1 on my people watching locations.

The four of us met up back at the Ferry Building to pick up the return ferry to Larkspur.  Pam had an advance kip on the ship but the rest of us waited until we arrived home for our little nap!  A great day out!


ITSCCChaneey. said...

-i luvv san fransico,

PeterB said...

Me too,ITSCC.