Sunday, August 15, 2010

Birdland Creations In the New York Times today!

I am included in a slideshow in the New York Times online today - entitled "Suddenly the world is their market"! Here's the link:

I haven't been able to see a paper yet as I just arrived in the UK but my friend Jennifer said it's printed in the Business section on the Soapbox page! Yeah!!!!!

Here are some screen shots of me and my work from the slideshow!:

Humphrey and Trisha the lovebirds are very excited - as are all us birds at Birdland!  Can't wait to get a copy in my hands!!


Easterya said...

Fabulous, well deserved, well done Ruth!!!

Vilt à la Kim said...

wow many congrats from me!! well done and enjoy your fame:)

meherio68 said...

Let the whole world know!!

crafts@home said...

Congratulations, & welcome back to England for a while!

Ruth said...

Thanks for the lovely comments everyone. It's a good day today!!! :-D

anna aizic said...

Ruth, gongrats! I saw the article in the paper and this is how I've learned about TheWanda! Thanks and good luck with your art!


anna aizic said...

congrats!!!! enjoy the fame :-) and good luck with your beautiful art!

choirgear said...

Thrilled for you Ruth and proud to feature your work at it coming!