Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday's Millinery Musings - France on foot - where to stay on the trail


The first part of the big fun of walking in France is planning where to sleep. There seems to be a comfortable bed available in the smallest of villages. Our favorites have been the chambre d'hotes, or bed-and-(continental)breakfasts, or B&B's. French B&B's have no resemblance to those in the United States (which I dislike). These accommodations are  in private homes and  are limited in size, by law, to no more than six rooms. The rooms have private entrances, and can be small apartments, or guest cottages. They are charming and private. Some chambres  d'hotes in the more remote areas offer a meal as well, if there is no restaurant nearby.

Map 903 - The Mother of French trail maps, and assorted inspiring reading 

We spend time researching and putting together our own travel guides with addresses of places we hope to stay, restaurants and sights to see. But mostly we lean heavily on the good recommendations of the local people we stay with. 

Serie Bleue Maps for specific trail routes within a region. Used to plan routes and walking strategies from village to village.

One of the many walled gardens in France

Our  chambre d'hote in the village of Pommard in Burgundy

The quiet. simple pleasures of a glass of wine and a bit of cheese and bread after a day of hiking. A fabulous dinner, soon coming!

Stay tuned for "Getting Lost on the Trail"...

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