Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My New York Times Interview!

I've had an exciting couple of days and have been eager to share it with you.

On Friday I was approached my someone from the New York Times saying that she wanted to include me in a photo essay on selling handmade online.  You can imagine how excited I felt and wanted to tell everyone, but I also wanted to wait a while and see if it was all going to turn out OK and my answers etc fitted in with her article.

But yesterday I had a 2 hour photo shoot at my studio. The photographer - Peter DaSilva was great and I really enjoyed it.  He took photos as I created some of my Humphrey and Trisha Lovebird earrings, photographing all the different stages.  Above is the Humphrey that I made for him.

Then he took lots of shots of me in the studio which was quite a challenge. If you haven't seen my studio, it is a tiny attic space where you can only stand up in the middle of the room!  He had to crunch himself in odd little spaces to try and get shots of the room - looking quite the contortionist!

Then today I had a brief telephone interview -  just answering a few general questions on where I sell online etc - and as it is a photo essay,  that will be captions to photos rather than script. I have no idea how much, how big, how small, how many photos, how many other people etc there will be - but the article is scheduled for this SUNDAY in the Magazine.

Yes, Humphrey - you can take a bow! You did well yesterday.

I hope you'll share in my excitement and get a copy on Sunday.    As luck would have it - I will be getting off a plane in England on Sunday morning  for an expected visit back there so won't even be able to see it until I get back ......... unless I can hunt down a copy over there. However there is also a NY Times  magazine version online but not sure if they include everything.  You know that I'll be looking there anyhow!


Kristi Bowman said...

This is so amazing Rutie, congrats. Can't wait to see the article!!

Ruth said...

Thanks Kristi. I am very excited about and feel lucky that they just found me!

Katie Hanrahan said...

Yay Ruthie!!! Congratulations! I will definitely get a copy of the paper on Sunday AND look online. This is wonderful for you!!

Sue McNenly said...

Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! Yahooooooo!!!!!! I know someone famous!!!!!

Maria Paray said...

Are you sure it was the magazine section??? I just looked through the whole thing and didn't see any articles about selling handmade online :-( I'll start checking the other sections . . .

Looking forward to seeing your sweet birdies, SOMEWHERE!