Friday, August 20, 2010

Birdland Creations New York Times article

Eventually I flew home yesterday after 3 hours delay in the flight......  It was a long day......

And today I was happy to receive a copy of the Sunday New York Times Article to see for myself what they had included.

Here are the three photos of me and my birds:

Happily they didn't use the real close-up one they had on the slideshow!  I struggle having my photo taken at the best of times, but that close-up was....well, close up!!!!

And here is what the full page in the Business section looked like:

It felt so good to be included and get all that free publicity!

The New York Times this week....who knows what comes next??  :-D

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Vickie Hallmark said...

Congrats, Ruth! I hope this exposure opens up lots of new doors.