Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Two new residents at Birdland

We've had two new residents move into Birdland. Here are the proud owners of a new construction :

We are planning on taking round a little gift for them later and hopefully get to know them a little bit.  We don't even know their names yet - maybe you can help?  Do you know them?

The lady of the house seems very proud of her new home.  I think I overheard her talking of a few different colors she wants to paint it.

Always good to get new neighbors.  No kids on the scene it seems....but the summer has only just I'll let you know.......

Oh yes - and don't forget to let me know their names if you've met them already!

1 comment:

Jodilee said...

I love these little birdies and their houses they're really cute. I am now going to follow you! Don't panic not in a stalker way just in a nosey parker i like art sort of way :)