Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday's spotlight - A weekend in Devon

By guest blogger Pete

I can't remember whether or not we've ever visited Tiverton before.  If we have then it must have been years ago because neither of us could remember anything at all about the town, which we visited last weekend.  One thing I did notice is that it must be one of the few Devon towns where cream teas are not being sold in every other shop - not that Pam and I were interested in the least about cream teas!

Photo by Luigi53

The reason for the visit was to join with our nephew, Peter, and his wife, Anne, in the celebrations for their 40th wedding anniversary - Ruby Anniversary.  It was a very successful and enjoyable celebration, even though the weather up to the day and the weather after the day was so much better than the weather on the day.  But that didn't dampen folks' spirits.  Peter and Anne have a large garden - I reckon as Peter gets older that large will become immense - and so they were able to erect a good sized marquee for all the guests to meet in.  Conversation flowed as acquaintances were renewed and introductions made between folk who had never met before.  A jazz band - made up of septuagenarians - played some great music and there was even a dance floor laid out in the marquee,  The first time I've ever danced UPHILL and then DOWN HILL!  I bet they don't have to contend with that in "Strictly Come Dancing"!!!!

 Photo by me'nthedogs

A hog roast, complete with etceteras, was served to feed the hungry 80 or so guests.  I don't know if it was "nearly 80" or "nearly 90" but you'll get the drift, I'm sure.

Pam and I travelled down and back from Tiverton by coach.  The journey down took 10 hours - due to congestion from Bank holiday weekend traffic - and the return one 9 hours.

Photo by Haxxah

When we arrived in Tiverton it struck me that the ten hours it took us to get there was the same amount of time it takes for us to fly from Heathrow to San Francisco when we go over to see Ruth and John.  There were, however, 2 main differences:
          i)  We were able to leave the coach four times in order to stretch our legs.  Something even first class air travellers can't do on a flight!
         ii)  There was no jet lag.

Keep travelling and why not leave the molbile phone at home?

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