Friday, June 11, 2010

Desperately Seeking Female Bull Frog! - Friday's facts, fascinations and folklore

Yes, we have a male bull frog in our pond this year and he is making such a noise!  Day and night.... he never shuts up with his deep growl.  It sounds like a big monster from the deep - and just keeps going...  Apparently, the bull frog got it's name because it is one of the biggest frogs and it's call sounds like an angry bull.  I've decided to call him Bello the Bull frog as he looks like bellows when he croaks.

It is the "find a mate" call that he is making - or as they are officially known "advertisement calls"  - so if you have a female bull frog - please let me know.  I will bring our male bull frog to your female however - as we don't want a family of croakers in our pond!!!  One is deafening enough and we have all the other frogs in their chorus in the background too!

As you listen to the youtubes - turn the volume up to max and that is what we are hearing!!!

Let's find a female fast! Desperately seeking FBF......

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