Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Inquisitive Robins

In preparation for last night's concert, I've been practicing my music outside for the past few days.  Walking in the little wooded area and singing freely.....as Hildegard may well have done.

It really is a lovely way to sing and I will be doing more "al fresco" singing in the future...Apart from the freeing sense of it all,  one of the greatest things was watching the reaction of the wildlife!  Every time I went into the woods, this Robin would appear and stand quite close to me and just stay in the area....didn't matter if I wandered around - he just stood and watched, hopping around a little....  On the second day when I'd finish a loud song - I noticed that the little robin would sing his song too - but much quieter than me!  It was like a little duet.

Then a bluebird was busy building a nest in one of our nesting boxes one day,  flying in with a beak full of twigs etc - and he too stopped and sat on top of the birdhouse looking at me for a while.....A rabbit came by too and paused a while.....

But then I think of how Harold my pet parrot reacts to singing - joining in and wanting to sing even louder - especially the high notes - so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the birds and wildlife stopped to listen for a while....but it really did seem special.

Today I went out in the woods again - this time to check on some clearing we need to do - and who should come out but Mr Robin!  No time for singing today - but I couldn't leave him without singing a few notes to acknowledge his presence!!!  He sang a few notes back too!!!

And it seems fitting that at the same time as forming my Robin duet,  I have been creating a Robin ring! A wonderful customer of mine who is always full of great ideas for designs - even if many of them are too difficult or impossible :=D - asked me to make her a "perched" ring but with a red breasted bird on it.  I just finished it today.

Anyhow the concert last night was great. I loved it and the audience seemed to enjoy it too.  It was a full house with people standing as well.

Two wonderful audiences - the wildlife in the woods and the people in Berkeley!


~ Lora Hart Jewels ~ said...

What a lovely way to rehearse. Almost makes me want to do a few vocalies. Almost. Did you sing something by Hildegard? I love her poetry. Glad the concert went well and that you've make some new feathered friends.

Ruth said...

Hi Lora. Yes, most of the program was Hildegard - plus some St Martial. I'll have to keep working on inspiring you to sing!!!!

Joy Funnell said...

Great story and a beautiful ring!

Thanks :-)