Saturday, June 19, 2010

Almond Milk Yoghurt/Yogurt

I tried making almond milk yogurt for the first time today.

The recipe I followed started with making my own almond milk and then adding the bugs and fermenting for 8 hours.

Photo by Jenny Downing

It tastes pretty good but I don't like the texture of it as it is quite grainy.  The recipe didn't include straining the almond milk through a cheescloth which I normally do - so I think that was what attributed to the graininess.  I think I'll use this batch in cooking as I don't really like it on it's own with the graininess - but I'm going to give it another try tomorrow after straining the milk.

I like experimenting with new foods - just need to get some more almonds tomorrow for my second attempt.

Photo courtesy of Aunt Owwee

CA is a big almond tree production area - and as photographing Yoghurt/yogurt isn't that inspiring - I thought the blossom on the trees might be better.

Anyhow else tried making non dairy yogurt?  any hints or tips?

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