Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday's spotlight - Fathers' Day in the UK

This year Fathers' Day weekend - if that's not a contradiction in itself - was spent with my daughter Mary, Fin and the two boys.

Friends from Lincoln gave us a lift down to Mary's home in Croxley Green, taking with us all the luggage we "needed" (Pam's word, not mine) for our trip to the USA.

The Saturday was the day of the annual Croxley Green Revels, which is, I was told, the largest village fair in the country. I find it difficult to classify Croxley as a village but it certainly was a good fair.  We arrive in time to see the parade - mainly children - a few photos were taken.  I haven't downloaded the photos yet but, hopefully, I get that completed in time for Ruth to add them to the blog.

There were quite a number of stalls at the fair and we wandered around.  At one stall we won rather a nice floribunda rose which Mary planted in her garden and which, also managed to survive the exercises on the next day.

For the Sunday, Mary had arranged a barbecue in her garden.  Readers of last weeks blog will, doubtless, be disappointed to hear that no beer was poured on the meat and no flat large stones were laid across the fire! However, despite these shortcomings, the food was both good and plentiful.

Mary and Fin had invited three other families along to the celebrations. They also brought their children so a good crowd was present.

In typical Mad English fashion a football match was arranged between the men and the boys.  The men challenged the boys and a 75 year old grandfather was in goal for England.  The men lost 4 - 3 but we showed far more enthusiasm, skill and concentration than the English team showed during their first two games in The World Cup!  They've yet to play their 3rd - and possibly last - game as I write so perhaps pigs begin to fly after all and the English team managed to win.

Ruth and I are to go out together next month for a Fathers Day out.  I'll tell you about that in a future blog.

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