Saturday, June 26, 2010

Quizzical Quentin

Quentin came into the house this morning and told me that he has decided that he wants to learn how to use a computer!  With the thought of new babies this summer, he wants to be able to pass on his skills to them too.....  So we started out by just looking at the keyboard:

He is in a very quizzical mood at the moment and wanted to jump right into his first lesson.

But we are starting from scratch - so I thought our first computer lesson would be learning the alphabet! You can see how well Quentin is doing - he has already found his favorite letter:

Any teachers out there who can offer a little quizzical Quentin Quail some advice or lesson plan?


Easterya said...

So cute! He's your mascotte!!!

My Computer Tutor said...

I'd love to help Quentin - but I see he's exploring a Mac! We'd be learning together.....

I'd suggest introducing him to QuailMail for a start.