Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday's spotlight - Sunny Memories

By guest blogger Pete.

After a few days of rain today, Friday has seen, I hope, the return of sunshine and summer.  Welcome back!.  The week before this one was a real scorcher; just the sort of weather you look forward to on those cold freezing Antarctic days of winter.

That spell of hot weather, though, made me look back to hot days that I've enjoyed in the past.  It must be my advancing years!!

Photo courtesy of AllyBally
The first "hot weather" trivia that comes to mind must have occurred something like 52 years ago.  At the time I was a theological student at Salisbury.  The college was situated in the beautiful Cathedral close and once a month or so there would be a concert in  the Cathedral.  On this occasion the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra were visiting and their programme included a particular favourite of mine, Dvorak's "New World Symphony".  Being a poor student  - altogether now ..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah... - I couldn't afford to buy a ticket but on that hot Saturday evening some seven or eight of us sat or lay on the grass outside the Cathedral and heard the full programme in much better or more comfortable surroundings that the hard seats inside the Cathedral would have given.

Photo courtesy of AndrewR
If you ever get to Salisbury then the Cathedral there is a "MUST" to visit. Externally, I would classify it as one of the best in the country - after Lincoln, of course.  Unfortunately most of the interior leaves much to be desired.  There are tombs aplenty placed in prominent positions either side of the nave.  This makes the whole building look rather like a glorified cemetery!

Photo courtesy of AllyBally
They had a great choir in the Cathedral when I was there.  (They might still have a great choir; I just don't know).  The main bass singer was outstanding and to hear him reach some of those low notes or when he was in full flow was an experience never to be forgotten.  Unfortunately, when  I was there they had a notice in the main entrance which read, "Members of the congregation are asked to join in the singing silently".  Oh dear!  There go, for ever, all the Salisbury Cathedral members who used to be readers of this blog.

 St Thomas' Church Photo Curtesy of AndrewR
I like to have a good sing so I used to go to St Thomas' Church in the city, where congregational singing was permitted.  (If you are ever in the city there is one of the best cakes shops I've ever come across next door to that church that I have ever had the pleasure to visit).  Any way, back to St Thomas' Church.  I must have gone there most Sundays for about 12 months and for the life of me I can't remember anyone speaking to me during all that time.  Perhaps they knew where I was from!  Oh Dear!  Here we go again!  There go all the St Thomas' Church readers of this blog along with their Cathedral compatriots.  Sorry, Ruth!

 Inside St Thomas' church photo courtesy of Jim Linwood
Listen to music outside in your garden - if you have one - on a warm summer's evening.  It's a marvellous way to relax.

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