Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Google analytics - keywords

I check Google Analytics regularly for my website, this blog and also my Etsy store.

Looking today, I analyzed the most frequent keywords used to find my Etsy store in the last six months. They are:

1. birdcage necklace
2. bird cage necklace
3. red seed beads 9/0
4. artisan jewelry
5. Alexander Henry Dragon Ring
6. Bella's bag in twilight
7. Caribbean scarf
8. birdcage earrings
9. Lapis turtle pendant
10.tassel scarf

Hmm. I guess 4 actually relate to what I do......All I can say is that people must have been disappointed in a lot of their searches! Especially the 20 people looking for the Alexander Henry Dragon Ring! The keywords really don't make any sense as to why they would find my store!!!!

But I guess the positive thing is that I should keep making birdcage jewelry as the birdcage necklace ALWAYS tops the list with 62% of new visitors finding me for that term! And my Etsy store is number 1 on google search for "birdcage necklace".

So what are the most frequent keywords that people use to find you? Any odd ones?


Mieko said...

Didn't I tell you that I found your Etsy store when I was googling "Alexander Henry Dragon Ring"? :)

Ruth said...

Just makes you want to have one doesn't it! ;=D