Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday's spotlight - Quentin visits Lincoln

By guest blogger Pete.

The world renown quail, Quentin, paid a visit to his favourite UK city - namely Lincoln - this last week-end.

No sooner had he finished his first cup of coffee when an emergency call came through for him to venture once more into the Antarctic wastes of Lincoln's Boultham Park in an effort to rescue three lost walkers. A quick email to Superman to assure him that all was well, a second cup of coffee and he was off, waving goodbye as he disappeared into the white-out. It always amazes Quentin that some people - even his special friends, Ruth and John - can be so foolish as to venture forth for exercise when the snow lays "deep and crisp " and now very "even".

But our intrepid world wide traveller knows no fear and was soon wrestling his way through icy snow drifts in the dying light of a winter's afternoon, with no thought for his own safety - only for the three foolish ones he had set his mind on finding.

Led by (out of shot) Quentin, the three foolish people return safely.

No radio communication was possible in such terrible and inhospitable weather so a concerned Pete remained at base camp keeping a worried lookout for the three foolish ones and their rescuer.

After what seemed to be an eternity the courageous Quentin was seen leading the "TFOs" back into the safety of base camp. Here, seeking no other reward but a fourth mug of coffee, Quentin quietly and modestly and without any remarks concerning the behaviour of the "TFOs", accepted their thanks and settled down for a pre cocktail hour nap.

Led by Ruth, they all thank Quentin for his rescue.

One of Quentin's unpublished New Year Resolutions for 2010 is to learn to skate. So a modest ice rink was provided for his enjoyment. Numerous falls failed to put Quentin off. At one time he stood still for so long a time posing for photographs that he froze to the ice.

Quentin discovers that skating is not all that easy!

However, Quentin's travails were not over yet. A sauna was provided for his enjoyment after the ice skating episode ........

Quentin watches as his sauna is prepared

and he plunged into the deep end completely forgetting that he didn't know how to swim. Thus another New Year Resolution was made - learn how to swim.

Quentin forgets that he can't swim, even in a sauna!

But nothing deters our Quentin and on Monday afternoon he set off into the snow on yet another expedition - this time taking two novices (Ruth and John) with him. His mission was to rescue two more thoughtless ones - Matt and Peter (NOT Pete) - from their snow bound home and escort them safely back to their school.

Quentin gets a helping hand.

As I write this Matt is fifteen years old today - Happy Birthday, Matt. The snow's given him a day off school as a special present. In my day, I remember that when I was fifteen I .............................. All right. I'll shut up.

Enjoy the snow. It's all a part of global warming!

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