Monday, January 4, 2010

Rose Windows

I'm up at my parents house now in Lincoln. (I know, you'd never have guessed they lived in Lincoln after reading my dad's regular Sunday blog posts! I'm sure you know now more about Lincoln than most people in England do!)

Anyhow - we had our belated Christmas present giving last night so I can now show you what I made my mum.

I made her some earrings and necklace designed from the rose window at Grace cathedral, San Francisco. She seems to wear her other arched church window earrings quite a lot so thought she might like these and feel close to me, when I sing at Grace.

The "glass" is hand colored resin. She has very sensitive ears so only likes the really fine wires. I'm not a great fan of this style of ear wire, but they seem to work well for her ..... Having the resin as a large part of the design also means the earrings are very lightweight, which helps too.

The light shines nicely through them as you wear them in your ears.

Woke up this morning - and she was wearing them! Guess that's a good sign!


Devyn Larson said...

I adore these . . . They remind me of our University chapel @ Pacific Lutheran. They have the most magnificent rose window, behind which, sits a cozy room where we used to have candlelight worship Sunday nights. You did a fantastic job! ")

Ruth said...

Hi Devyn. Good to hear from you. Glad you like the windows. I bet the candlight room was so tranquil... Happy new year.