Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Master Muses

Whole Lotta Whimsy have just announced their new design team for 2010 - "Master Muses" - and I'm proud to be a member of the inaugural team! Yeah!

There are 10 artists on the team and we will receive regular "challenges" from Tonya, covering new materials, techniques, themes etc. Every Wednesday, a tutorial from one of the team will be featured on Tonya Davidson's blog and then further information will be available for sale from Whole Lotta Whimsy as step by step projects.

The other artists involved are:

Angela Badual-Crispin
Barbara Becker
Tonya Davidson
Vicki Hallmark
Lora Hart
Patrik Kusek
Anne Mitchell
Donna Pennoyer
Kelly Russell

If you know any of these and their work, you will understand why I'm particularly honored to be part of the team (and a little over-awed!).

As muses, we hope to be a source of inspiration!

The first interpretation of the challenge is up tomorrow - Wednesday on Tonya's blog. Mine isn't due for a few weeks yet....

Hope you'll enjoy the series and be inspired - whatever art/craft you do.....


My Computer Tutor said...

Congratulations, Ruth. I think you thoroughly deserve it and am sure you will be a driving force of inspiration.


Ruth said...

Thanks for your vote of confidence sweetie xx

Anonymous said...

congrats! i can't wait to learn from the master!