Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

By guest blogger Quentin Quail.

Quentin here! How are you? Hope you are all keeping well.

Happy New Year to you all! Wishing you lots of good times in 2010.

I've been thinking hard about some new year resolutions so I thought I'd write them down in the blog and then maybe I'll be more inclined to keep them! So here goes:

1. Blog more frequently
2. Travel to new places
3. Make my bed every morning
4. Redecorate my house and not worry about what the neighbors think
4. Make new friends
5. Fly over a rainbow
6. Learn to cook
7. Drink more Birdland Merlot
8. Make someone smile everyday.

Have you written yours? Do tell me what they are.....

1 comment:

Lily Pang said...

I haven't made new year resolution yet. The list is very inspiring for me. I hope I can come out with one soon.