Friday, January 15, 2010

January activity

January is a month for administration and reflection. It is generally a quiet month for sales so I like to spend most of the time looking back and looking forward...and catching up. It's like a step-back-from-it month when I can take stock and plan and consider.

Right now I have quite a few administrative things to complete too - including my CA sales tax return - and so I am not making anything new.

It's tricky. I have lots in my head that I want to do, new techniques to try and explore...but I'm trying to keep the creations as a "reward" for when I have completed my admin "chores"! Hopefully that will be sometime next week, then I can get my hands dirty again!!!

So while I have nothing new to show, thought you might like to see a couple of playful things I made a while ago - "On Safari". Unfortunately, admin and the such is not as exciting as being on safari!!!

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