Thursday, November 19, 2009

Birdcage necklace

I've redesigned my birdcage necklace!

A sweetie little hand sculpted bird hangs freely in his cage.

This is a definitely an eye-catching necklace! And the happy part is that the bars on his cage are wide enough that the little birdie could leave his cage if he wanted to!

And I hate to disappoint you, but I'm afraid I'm just going to call it "birdcage necklace" as that phrase is one of most popular phrases that people use to find my website! Seems like I have quite a reputation from my original birdcages. So if the term works, I'm going use it! In fact, if you search "birdcage necklace" on Google, my Etsy store comes up number 1! Which is why I've been meaning to make another one for a while now!

So all you bird-cage necklace lovers - here it is!!! I'll put it up on my websites soon!


Jan J. said...

Love it! So light and airy and that little birdie couldn't be cuter!

Ruth said...

Thanks Jan. Good to see you! It is light. So light that I'm going to make a little smaller version for earrings too!

Saffie said...

wow Ruth I love it!