Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Tea Series - Tranquility, Personality, Domesticity

Ready for your afternoon tea?

Following on from yesterday's post, the other three "tea" words in the series are tranquility, personality and domesticity.

Each can be a necklace, one of two types of bracelet or earrings.

I've been wondering what the easiest way to list them is and I think I'm going to list it as a necklace with the 5 options of word, and then a bracelet, then earrings etc etc. Hopefully that will make sense. So you first choose what style of jewelry you like, then you choose the word.

I'm hoping these will make nice gifts, with good sentiments to enjoy as you drink your tea and at other times too!

Which tea word would suit you best?


Jan J. said...

I wish I could say the Tranquility would suit me best but I'd have to claim domesticity - at least for cooking and mothering - deduct the cleaning part LOL! These are SO clever and unique - perfect for the girl who has everything!

Ruth said...

I like it Jan! Maybe you aspire to tranquility in the midst of your domesticity! :-D