Saturday, November 14, 2009

Duncan and Dippy Duck sightings!

It was a lovely day today. The sun was shining and it was quite warm so we decided to go for a walk around the nearby lake and take a little picnic lunch with us.

As we were walking, lots of ducks came onto the pond and they were so busy with all their goings on. Most of them spent a lot of time splashing around and getting the water in all those little places that needed freshening up. It was really quite loud. And there was one very vocal duck....and they kept swimming one way, and then another.... There were over 100 of them - all mallards. We enjoyed eating out lunch and watching and listening to them all.

And right in the middle of them ( you probably can't see in the first photo), was Duncan Duck :

and Dippy Duck!:

They were quieter than the others and didn't splash around as much! But it was nice to see them all hanging out together!

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