Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday's spotlight - Lincoln Waterlogged

By guest blogger Pete.

Lincoln has existed in even more chaos that normal over the past few days. Being an ancient city our roads are mainly narrow, limited, and single carriageways. There are just three arterial roads into the below hill part of the city and three into the up hill part. Early Monday morning the High Street in the below hill part of the city was closed, causing the other two remaining arterial roads to exceed their normal overcrowding and rush hours became a matter of patience rather than progress. The cause of this disruption was a burst water main, which sent gallons of the wet stuff up into the air. Fortunately, all this happened in the early morning hours and Anglian Water were quick to turn that water off BUT not quick enough to save the surface of the road. Thus for the next five days the High Street was closed to all non pedestrian traffic. No notice was given about the new bus routes that were set up. One day you could spend the whole day waiting at a bus stop for your bus (only to learn that it was going on a different route) and the next day the bus would run normally and you could pick it up from the same stop.

It's a few weeks now since I last inflicted on you all a photo of my latest and ongoing painting. I am fairly pleased with it but have purposely left the most difficult section to the end. Can you guess what part that is? No prizes on offer but self congratulations are permitted.

I have also been experimenting with some photographs again. In sunny July Pam and I took a holiday in Suffolk and during that week we visited Bury St Edmunds. That city has a great cathedral, which possesses some really fine stained glass. Using kaleidoscopes, I have been trying to get some rather different shots of some of the windows' features.

Isn't it a pity that there are only twenty four hours in a day? I could manage a few more without an hassles. Mind you, I speak as a retired person . There were times when I was working when I thought a reduction in each day's hours might well have been an advantage. Do you think each day has sufficient hours? I never seem to complete everything I want to do.

My magnolia appears to have given up its attempt to become the first evergreen magnolia in history and is now shedding leaves in a fashion that would suggest there is no to-morrow coming along. Add to this the fact that my plum tree still hasn't borne any fruit and you can see some of my frustrations.
Keep on enjoying life and keep on finding things to do.

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