Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nesting Place

So what do the words "nesting place" mean to you? Have you found yours? That little safe place.... for nurturing, flourishing, .....a place where you can find your wings......a place to share...

The Etsy Metal Clay team is having a challenge for it's member to create a piece using hinges. I've done several jewelry pieces with hinges before, but many of the team haven't, so it's a good opportunity to try something new. Even though I've already made some hinges, I thought I'd join this little piece "Nesting Place" is my challenge piece, showing a little songbird sitting on the perch of a birdhouse.

Here is the back, so you can see the hinge.

And like all good birdhouses, it does open up....

And if you peer inside'll see three little eggs on a nest.

All the hinge challenge pieces will be shown on our etsy metal clay blog, so when that is up, I'll link through to it, so you can see lots of hinged jewelry!

Have a great evening in your nesting place.

1 comment:

Mary said...

I thought it was beautiful from the outside, but the little eggs in the nest are the finishing touch!