Friday, November 20, 2009

The "Tea" series - Serenity and Sincerity

I've just created a new series based on a little word play. Hope you like it. The first two in the series are sereni-ty and sinceri-ty - where the "ty" is shown as a little teapot!

The series are available as necklaces, earrings, solid bangle or interchangeable bangle. For the interchangeable bangle you could have a few word parts and change them day by day!

Each teapot is hand sculpted so they each vary a little.

The idea is that words formed by the teapot - the "ty" words - have some association with the feelings of tea....that serene feeling, that ...

.....oh, can't say anymore. I'll show you some more of the tea series tomorrow. Maybe you can guess what "tea" words I'll be serving up tomorrow afternoon!!!


Mary said...

A brilliant idea from someone who hates tea so much!!

Ruth said...

I love the idea of tea and the little pot and the emotions and......but just hate the liquid part! Maybe when I get old?

My Computer Tutor said...

You could do a teapot with can I put this...large dimple in it and call it posteri-ty. That would be cheeky!