Monday, November 2, 2009

TPP - Tiny Precious People

Thought I'd introduce you to my first TPP - tiny precious people.

Oh dear, they are a little bit shy....... We'll have to encourage them to turn around and show themselves!!!

Cindy, who you may have read about before as she commissioned Doug the Dog, Cher the Sheep, Dandy the Lion and more....... recently asked me to make little silver versions of her kids!

So she sent me three photos and then told me some characteristics about them. I wasn't sure I could do it...but played around a little with some regular clay first and then when I got the ideas in my head, moved onto the silver.

Meet Ashlyn. She's the oldest and tallest (- at just over an inch!). Cindy told me she loves to read...and the photo she sent me showed her with her hair plaited (or as you would say - braided). Imagine braiding silver clay????

Next is Chandler. He's a keen football player, as you can see!

And then the youngest is Eli. Here is the photo Cindy sent me of Eli:

And here is the TPP Eli:

What a great looking family! And now Cindy can have them by her side every day. Yes, they aren't pieces of jewelry, just TPP to sit by your computer or bedside or wherever.

Here are all three TPP:

Thanks Cindy. I loved the challenge and enjoyed getting to know your family.


Amadora Designs UK said...

OMG! I adore these little preciousnesses (not a word,I know). I cannot believe how you managed to pull out the characteristics and turn them into silver, so sweet.

Ruth said...

Thanks. So glad you like them. They were fun to make!