Thursday, November 6, 2008

Quid pro crow

So, you know how I like a little play on words....and birds...... Well this is my latest. A little Latin phrase with a twist.....and a crow!

Maybe it'll be especially popular with the lawyers out there who spend their time thinking about "quid pro quo".

I made the text by choosing a Latin-styled font on the computer and then making a photopolymer plate of it. The pin part is fashioned in the style of a fibula pin, where the pin part is part of the design. As fibulas were Roman brooches, I thought it fitted in well with the Latin! There is quite a spring on the clasp too - so it's very secure.

Hope you like it!


Half an Acre said...

yet again another adorable piece! I'd love to hear how you make polymer plates from computer fonts! you are my source of fantastic information!

Chui King said...

Chrome-a-somes!!! Playing on the metal origins and the way that chromosomes connect - Craig inspired this(!) If you wanted to do a high street version, it could then be called the ChromoTin!

My idea is calling it Triathlon - inspired by the medal colours and the baton shapes.

ps love the quid-pro-crow very cute play on words!

Easterya said...

Unbelievably sweet!!

Jane said...

Wow what a beautiful piece!