Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Competition Tuesday!

I've finished my mixed metal bracelet. It's made with three types of metal clay. Firstly, the usual silver clay, then bronze clay and also copper clay.

The design has a lot of movement as each little
piece can twist around. When the pieces are twisted and not laying flat, it reminds me of jacks - that game we played as kids with little funny shaped pieces and a ball.

I'm thinking that that's what I'll name it - maybe "relaxed jacks". But I'd love to hear if you have a better idea.

So here's where this week's competition comes in. Think of a name for my bracelet.

And please - not mixed metal bracelet! You know what sort of names I normally choose.

My other thought was "indecision day" bracelet. Especially as it is election day today. You can't decide what colour metal to wear for your jewelry today - just one too many decisions, so instead you wear three colours - silver, bronze and copper!!!

So you've had two of my ideas - none of which I really like. Let's hear yours!!! I'll give a prize to the name I select.........


Lily Pang said...

The style reminds me of ancient people who used stones for necklace. But it is modern and shinny.

Today is a special day for Americans. Can I call it "Golden Time"? Haha...

Half an Acre said...

Can I win the bracelet? LOL!
i'm useless at thinking up names!

Anonymous said...

It looks pre-historic and makes me think that it's something Wilma from the Flintstones would wear. So how about "Yabadabadoo!"

Anonymous said...

really ashamed of not being able to come up with a good name ... but other thoughts that entered the head were
1) 'natural order' .... bronze - silver - gold being a natural progression
2) also thought about how musical cords work in threes - [had to check this with nearby expert] .... so thought 'doe - ray - me'???
or 'precious note' ... wonder if i will sleep tonight ..... cheers love craig :-)

Anonymous said...

Chrome-a-somes!!! Playing on the metal origins and the way that chromosomes connect - Craig inspired this(!) If you wanted to do a high street version, it could then be called the ChromoTin!

My idea is calling it Triathlon - inspired by the medal colours and the baton shapes.

Ruth said...

Hey it's great to get so many guesses!! There seem to be a few thinking "old" with stones, bones, sticks ideas and yabadabadoo....but then I like the natural progression...and the chromosomes appeals too........

(I copied some of the entries into here so we could read them all together - excuse if I moved yours here from another comment!).

Deadline is Sunday evening for decision time.....Any more ideas?