Monday, November 10, 2008

News of the week!

Couple of pieces of good news this past week I wanted to share with you.

Remember my post a little while ago in October about a challenge that Art Jewelry magazine was running to see what you could create with 10g or less of metal clay - well my piece was selected!!! Yeah!!! I used it as a challenge to myself to see how small I could make an "anyone" - and so made the "Anyone can bring me flowers" earrings. They weigh only 6g!

I think Art Jewelry Magazine were selecting 5 or 10 pieces to form the basis of an article of what you can create with only 10g of metal clay. So my little anyones will be famous soon!!!! It'll be great to see them in a magazine - and a magazine that I like and have a subscription too.

The other good news is that my all-year-long-Christmas-necklace is appearing in a video! Yes, this was my competition piece where you had to guess my name for the piece. Well, The Three Wise Men, aka the Sages, will be appearing in a Christmas/Holiday jewelry video! Don't really know much else about it - but when it comes out, I'll put a link here so you can see it. The woman doing the video is the producer and host of "The Jewelry Connection" - An online radio talk show for and about independent jewelry artisans.

So how does a necklace appear in a video?? Do you think it has a speaking part or just a walk on,...maybe an extra in a crowd scene???? :-D heh, heh.......Or maybe as it's the THREE Wise Men, it has three parts - each leaf gets to talk about something - gold, frankincence and myrrh????!!!!

Anyhow - it is so very encouraging when people/peers find my pieces and then want to show and promote them to others. I'm most grateful.


HINT Jewelry Design said...

Oh the earrings are endearing!!! Congratulations :) I can't wait to see them in print. I'm also blown away by your clever necklace. Is there a conceptual artist lurking beneath your jewelry?

Half an Acre said...

tell me how you get yourself 'found' so much, woman!! congratulations!
The most exciting thing for me lately as been having my hag stone round selected for the Crafteroo advent calendar .... not as glam as it might sound! lol

Marian said...

Congratulations to you! this is fantastic! Im so glad for your success!

The other day a friend of mine whom just had a baby, was wondering were to get those little necklaces with a boy or a girl that some moms have... one for each kid or something like that. I dont really know what I feel about it but I was thinking I haven't seen them around much... and I thought, well, if I could have something to remind me of my little one (besides the dark circles around my eyes) I would just get something like this little boy... so cute!
Don't know if there is a market for it, but... maybe an idea?

Congrats again!

Ruth said...

Thanks all for your lovely comments. They are just as important to me as magazines and videos! I really appreciate you taking the time to write. :-D

Marian- Yes, I've been mulling in my mind a little bit about boys and girls....especially as two friends of mine have just had babies.... Maybe anyone can sometimes be a particular someone!!!

Nice to hear from you Beth. Hope things are going well for you.

Gis said...

Ey sweets, hello there!!
I wanted to invite you to my tutorial contest Prizes are super aweosme, and I tyhink you could enter with any piece creation!! :D
A super big hug!!

Magriet said...

Love the earrings Ruth and well done on being featured! If anyone deserves it, it's you :)