Saturday, November 29, 2008

Birdies breakfast

I wanted to make a couple of new pieces for my home show tomorrow but didn't have much time after just getting back from England on Tuesday. Anyhow, I have managed a few and wanted to share one of them with you today - as I was pleased with how it came out.

When I was in England, I went up to stay with my parents for a while in Lincoln. They really enjoy watching the birds in their garden and have feeders and skewered fruit and fat balls and a little shelf that they put nuts and other food out on.

When it's breakfast time for us, it is also for the birds there. You can sit and watch this big fat pigeon hoover up a line of peanuts in record time....but I have to admit that a big fat greedy pigeon did not inspire me to make any jewelry. However, their bird feeder did. It invariably had more than one bird on it at a time - or some waiting in the tree ready for their turn at the thistle seeds. So to remember my Lincoln breakfasts, here's my feeder, with four little birds : Birdies Breakfast.
The birdies are very tiny and were tricky to make. Gosh, I even tried making a plastic cocktail stick into a filing stick by wrapping sandpaper around it to get into all the little spaces - but it broke! Talk about fiddly!! But I'm pleased with how it came out. A real nature and bird lovers necklace!

Hope you like it! I'll post my other new pieces next week!

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Easterya said...

Ab-so-lu-te-ly a-ma-zing! Words fail me. This is an INCREDIBLE piece!!!!