Friday, November 14, 2008

Launch of Nest Marketplace - "Shop to Save the World"

Things have been progressing with Nest, the non-profit organization that I am involved with for Birdland Creations. You may recall that I first mentioned Nest on my Blog Action day post.

They launched their market-place this week. Artists can sell on the online marketplace and select to donate from between 15 to 30% of the sale price to Nest, which then goes to fund microfinancing projects for women artists in developing countries. For sale on the site are also the arts and crafts that have been made by the recipient artists and this is one way that they can repay their loans. The marketplace is at You'll see some of my creations in the jewelry section.

I am also planning a home show when I get back to the US, on Sunday November 30th in the afternoon. On the day of the show, 20% of sales goes to support Nest and their projects. If you are in the area and can come to the show - do let me know and I'll send you directions etc. There'll be wine and nibbles and hopefully time to chat....and if anything like last year - perfect weather so people can linger.....


Half an Acre said...

I'll stop in!

Ruth said...

So nice you'll make the effort!!!! Maybe next time I'm in England we should have a merry go round gathering!!!

Hope you are having fun.