Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Busy fingers

I had sort of thought that whilst in England, I would have a break from creating...but I think my fingers have a different idea. Obviously silver work isn't very portable, but I did bring some knitting with me. I've missed knitting lately. I enjoy having a mindless, easy knitting project on the go that I can do while I watch television or am a passenger in the car, but also a project that requires a bit more concentration. But for the last few months, I haven't don't either.

When I was knitting and selling my creations, I'd spend hours clicking those needles and felting, but I wasn't doing so much silver work then. Since I've been doing more silver, I made the decision that my knitting would just be for me. Since I made that decision, I've started two jackets and not finished either of them and also started a wrap/scarf made from stainless steel yarn with a very fine merino. I finished the wrap the night before we flew over - but it needs a little gentle felting. I'm curious to see how it felts with the stainless steel.......

Anyhow, when packing my carry-on bag for the plane, I put in some yarn I bought a few months ago and a new pattern book - and today I finished my project- some fingerless gloves! I knitted for a while on the plane, but then did some more today at my mother-in-law's house, as I sat and chatted to her for a few hours. They are knitted in a silk and cotton - I think - but as I'd wound the yarn before I left, can't quite remember. Anyhow - feels like that.

The photos aren't very good I'm afraid as they were taken on an iphone in the evening without good lighting - but they give you an idea! - long cuffs, frilly bits.....not my usual style of knitting at all - but I quite like them. And as it's quite a bit colder here in England than northern CA, I will no doubt be wearing them for the next couple of weeks!!!!

Now what next for those fingers....maybe I'll be typing my blog in my fingerless gloves if it gets too cold!!


Half an Acre said...

That's so cool - you're in England!!
*looks out of door an waves*

I love those gloves - the pattern is so pretty!

Ruth said...

I'm waving back Anna! Thanks for welcome...through the rain!

Andreanna said...

OHh those are lovely!

Ruth said...

I was so glad to have these in England!!! I wore them everyday - and especially when it snowed!!! Phew! How timely!!!